Swampdog Sweethearts

In 2010, the Swampdog staff took a simple idea and turned it into something revolutionary:  The Sweethearts.

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In lieu of a simple dance team, the Sweethearts serve as the face the Swampdogs and ambassadors in the community.  The girls attend various events throughout the year sharing information about the team, handing our schedules, and answering a million questions from the younger fans about mascots Cookie and Fun-Go.  They also work throughout the ballpark and help to set it up for home games.

Jeremy Aagard, General Manager of the Swampdogs, encourages the Sweethearts to look for volunteer opportunities and to be more actively involved with their community.

“It’s the same message we deliver to the players – we require the players attend four public appearances…our thought is if we’re not active and supportive of the community there’s no way we can ask them to be supportive of us.”  In encouraging the Sweethearts to act on civic responsibility, the Swampdog program is enriching their lives by allowing them opportunities to plan charitable events, gain public speaking experience and build a relationship with their own community.

Visit the Swampdogs and the Sweethearts at Fayetteville SwampDogs:

J.P. Riddle Stadium
2823 Legion Rd.
Fayetteville, NC 28306-3225

For more information about the Fayetteville Swampdogs or the Sweethearts, please visit or call 910-426-5900

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