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This is from a post on Commissioner Mitchell’s Facebook page this weekend.   The email seems to indicate Lake Bed #2 was never part of the properties being assessed by the McAdams Group as potential recreation areas.

Commissioner Larson made a motion, during the August 1st Special Meeting, to cancel the Public Hearing scheduled for late August because the Board wanted to read the results of the McAdams Group survey prior to hearing from the public.

In particular, they wanted to know what the McAdams Group suggested they do with this property.  It would seem no one was interested in Lake Bed #2…not even for recreational use, until the Lone Survivor Foundation was interested in it.

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Fullscreen capture 862018 112301 PM.bmp
Email excerpt from Rachel Cotter McAdams Group dates July 31, 2018

This is an excerpt from the same email, indicating Commissioner Larson was still pushing the outdated PWC surveys 13 days after receiving the letter from Mick Nolan stating PWC discarded any plans to build a reservoir in Hope Mills.  It doesn’t indicate she included a copy of his email for them to review.

Is Commissioner Larson attempting to influence the outcome of the McAdams Group results by giving them the 1999 and 2014 surveys which said Lake Bed #2 was identified as the site of a potential multi-purpose reservoir?  Did she attempt to influence the other Board members by giving them the outdated surveys prior to their vote?  Has her  personal relationship with the Waring Family, who own several pieces of land adjacent to the Lake Bed, created a conflict of interest?

It’s been nearly three weeks since Larson received the email from Mick Nolan debunking those surveys, but just over a week ago she posted the 2014 PWC Jordan Lake Water Supply Allocation Application...just a month after she posted photos of herself on the Waring’s boat as they gave her a private tour of the lake.

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