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Commissioner Mitchell wanted to sell the land


The public is aware Lone Survivor Foundation made a presentation to the Board on June 4th in a closed session.  They’re aware the Board voted on June 18th to reject that offer and end negotiations.

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Our Board is bound by confidentiality during a closed session, they can’t discuss with the public what was said or done.  So for more than two months Commissioner Mitchell was able to push his one-sided narrative…the land was never for sale.  For more than two months he deceived his constituents when he didn’t tell them he’d already tried to sell that land.

During the June 4th meeting, without conferring with the other Board members, Mike Mitchell quoted a price to Terry Jung for the 60+/- acres.

Jung wasn’t interested in buying that much land and turned down the offer.  But what would have happened if he’d said yes?  We’d have a legally binding verbal agreement to sell a lot of land that was…never for sale.

Do you think Commissioner Mitchell was going to tell us that?

And I want to extend a huge Thank You to Mr. Bill Bowman for this amazing opportunity.  I’m confident our combined efforts will help to make Hope Mills a better place to call home.

Have concerns about these issues?  Contact the Board and let them know!

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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Please encourage everyone to attend the LSF support meeting on Thursday. Someone should personally invite Commissioner Jerry Legge. This would go a long way in getting him engaged. It would be great if Jesse Bellflowers would bring him.

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