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Is Mitchell free to vote for LSF now?

Written by: Elizabeth Blevins



This afternoon the Hope Mills staff released the agenda packet for the October 8th meeting.  Included in the packet, are the minutes from the July 23rd meeting.  Included in the minutes, are statements from each board member about why they voted not to sell land to Lone Survivor Foundation.  This is Commissioner Mitchell’s statement.

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I want to remind you during the October 1st Special meeting, the board heard from Rachel Cotter, Project Manager for the McAdams Group.  Cotter informed the board they have a surplus of land for future development.  According to a national average, Hope Mills should have 15 additional acres for development over a ten-year period.  They identified 75 acres.  However, Commissioner Mitchell identified another piece as Monday night’s meeting was opening.  This piece was not included in the initial assessment.  By the end of the evening, several more properties were identified.

It would seem all of Commissioner Mitchell’s concerns have been satisfied and he’s free to give the LSF offer the consideration it deserves.

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