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Board denies Lone Survivor Foundation

Written by: Elizabeth Blevins


By a vote of 3-2, the Board of Commissioners have voted to deny the offer made last week by Lone Survivor Foundation.  Commissioner Jessie Bellflowers lobbied the board to hold the public hearing they were promised, and said the board had an obligation to appraise the land.  He actually TRIED to say these things, he was interrupted by Commissioner Larson who reminded the board they’d already taken a consensus on June 11th to deny the offer.

Mayor Warned polled the board members, requiring them to explain their decision…

Commissioner Legge said NO because the land was not for sale.  Except it was officially for sale June 5th when he and other board members requested an official financial offer from LSF

Commissioner Larson said NO because they took a consensus on June 11th to deny the offer.  Except that was a different offer.  This new offer was for a 12 acres at a different price point.

Commissioner Mitchell said NO because an 8/1 ratio of his constituents have sought him out to ask him not to sell their land.  Commissioner Mitchell also claimed many non-profit organizations have approached him to buy that same piece of land since LSF’s initial offer.  It’s been three months since I sent a public records request…he has yet to produce the name of one non-profit organization.

I want to point out that none of them have ever served a single day in the military.

Commissioners Bellflowers and Edwards both voted to sell the land.

To the citizens of Hope Mills…I apologize.  I foolishly hoped that if I combated their bullshit excuses it would clear the way and they’d eventually have to actually consider this offer at face value.

I grossly overestimated their ability to serve you.

This is their contact info as provided on the Hope Mills website.  Let your voices be heard.

Jerry Legge – Commissioner

Phone: 910-424-8821

6432 Bretton Woods Drive
Hope Mills, NC 28348

Mike Mitchell – Mayor Pro Tem

Phone: 910-964-2632

5411 Thompson Circle
Hope Mills, NC 28348

Meg Larson – Commissioner

Phone: 910-988-0748

3752 Marantha Drive
Hope Mills, NC 28348

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