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44146414_291748448215789_8584607316429504512_nThis afternoon a good portion of the political signs put up by Hope Mills Citizens for Change(HMCFC), and paid for by Alex Warner, were taken.  The signs urge the community to vote no on a 4-year referendum.

Commissioner Mitchell called the Board of Elections Wednesday and complained on social media that the signs were ‘misleading’ because they say ‘for this board’ at the bottom.  But HMCFC leader Grilley Mitchell spoke with the Board of Elections later that day and was assured the signs were allowed.  Grilley emphasized ‘for this board’ is a reference to the disappointment many in the community feel towards this board and their lack of team spirit.  Their inability to work together for any length of time inspired the committee to form.

The police have been notified and at least three of the locations where signs are missing have video surveillance pointing directly at where the signs were.  Once the police go through the video they should be able to identify who took them.  It’s against the law to remove political signs.


An employee from town collected the signs.  Grilley Mitchell spoke with her late this evening and is meeting with her in the morning to retrieve the signs.  The employee said the signs violated the town ordinance in that they were within 15 feet of the right of way.  However, that isn’t the protocol according to the town ordinance…

(i) Temporary sign; failure to comply. If the Chief Building Inspector shall find that
any temporary sign as authorized by this section, is in violation of this section, the Chief
Building Inspector, or the inspector’s designee, shall give written notice of such violation
to the owner of the sign. If, upon receipt of same notice, the owner of such sign fails to
remove or alter the sign so as to comply with the required standards within ten days of
said notice, such sign may be removed by the Chief Building Inspector, or the
inspector’s designee, at the expense of the owner of the sign. The Chief Building
Inspector may cause any sign or other advertising structure which creates an immediate
risk of peril to persons or property to be promptly removed.

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