Alex Warner takes hard stance against Board of Commissioners



Alex Warner with Larry Lancaster, Chairman of the Cumberland Co. Board of Commissioners

Alex Warner is a political shark.  After two terms on the Cumberland County School Board he ran a record-breaking campaign for the North Carolina House of Representatives. He served nine terms representing District 45.


In person, Mr. Warner is modest about his political prowess. But when he speaks it’s evident his tenure has made him an expert on this topic with very strong opinions on politics…and politicians.

“Our Constitution is very clear, our founding fathers wanted ‘frequent elections’.  They wanted our representatives there for two years.  That way if they weren’t performing to meet the needs of the people they represent, the people could vote them out.”

Mr. Warner has watched from the sidelines for eight years while his wife, Mayor Jackie Warner, has battled, not with her constituents, but with her fellow commissioners.  The behavior of the commissioners is why Mr. Warner recently broke his silence and decided it was time to play an active role in politics again.

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Mr. Warner is protective of his wife and family, especially now when board members have been attacking them for months.  But he’s also pragmatic and realizes if they’ll attack his family, they could attack any family in Hope Mills…

“I’ve seen this so many times…someone gets elected and takes office with the idea they’re going to represent the people.  But it takes a person with strong character to do that.  Too often, they bow to special interest groups.  Ultimately, they forget who put them in office.  They start to feel like they’re smarter than the people who elected them and that hubris justifies any bad behaviors.”

He’s referring to the board’s political missteps throughout the summer months.  When faced with a proposal from a national organization wanting to purchase municipal land, the board stalled, pushed false narratives, and ultimately refused to hear from the public before denying the offer.  For many of the voters, the real offense was in not allowing a public hearing.  But the board has accused the Warner family of trying to manipulate the system to force the sale.  To date there’s been no evidence to support this claim, but board members continue to dig and continue to hurl accusations.

Mr. Warner sees this as a symptom of a bigger problem, “Some of the board members seem insecure.  They’ve got to go by a title or insist on telling you what their profession is outside of the board or manipulate rules to control the staff and other board members.  They were elected to serve. They were elected to execute the people’s will.  We have a pretty savvy constituency, they won’t tolerate being led around like sheep.  Many elected officials have paid a price for that misconception with short-lived political careers.”

On October 21st Hope Mills Citizens for Change (HMCFC), a political action committee (PAC), installed signs around Hope Mills encouraging citizens to vote no on a 4-year referendum.  If passed, the Mayor and two commissioners with the most votes would be elected for 4 years in the 2019 election.  The remaining three seats would convert to 4-year terms in the 2021 election.

The referendum was suggested by Commissioner Mike Mitchell and quickly pushed through 4 meetings and a public hearing at which the public was unanimously against it.

As soon as the signs appeared, Commissioner Mitchell contacted the Cumberland County Board of Elections and began digging for information.  What he found was a receipt showing Alex Warner donating the signs to the PAC.  Mitchell also takes issue with a tagline at the bottom of the signs which reads ‘for this board’.  He’s used social media to accuse the PAC and Alex Warner of misleading the public.


Mr. Warner laughed at the accusation, “I was accused of buying political signs that say ‘vote no for this board for 4-year terms’.  I want everybody to know Alex Warner designed the signs, I paid for the signs, I donated the sign to HMCFC and I don’t have anything to hide.”

Mr. Warner says the behavior of this board inspired his decision.  He was ready to place the signs in yards himself when he heard a political action committee had formed.  He immediately contacted Elizabeth Cooper to donate the signs and join the PAC.  He’s hoping the signs will inspire the people to question what’s happening, to be more involved, and to vote. “Our people need to be involved in our government other than just being tax-payers.  They need to hold the elected accountable for their actions.  They need to ask, what has this board done to improve the lives of the people of Hope Mills?”

He’s quick to condemn this board for their lack of action.  He cites the ‘back-biting, jockeying for position and a lack of cohesion’ as a hinderance.  But also points out the few times they’ve come together to vote on anything, it was self-serving.  They voted in spring to award themselves huge raises and benefits, and they voted to put the referendum on the ballot.

While Mr. Warner and HMCFC are lobbying to stop the 4-year referendum, they’re also thinking ahead.  Their next step is a year-long voter registration drive.   They hope to double the number of registered voters and vote out the board members who don’t serve the citizens.  “They’re part of a single board, but their egos are getting in the way.  They have to go.”

If you’re interested in joining HMCFC you can find information at their Facebook page.   www.facebook.com/HopeMillsCFC


  1. Great article. I live outside Hope Mills but interested in what transpires there. Apparently a number of those on the board are seeking attention to fluff up their ego. I think they want to be President🤣🤣

  2. Alex is right on! It is sad that our misguided, self serving, vindictive, petty, condescending, pompous, arrogant, narrow minded…{have I missed anything}….commissioners are absolutely the most disgraceful miscreants ever to sit on any board anywhere any time. Seldom can I claim responsibility for a REALLY GOOD term for politicians. I hereby claim one: ” Toxic Two” is most certainly apropos for Mitchell and Larson. Bobble Head was pretty good for Legge but too easy. Obviously Mitchell has a personal vendetta for the Warner family….wonder why other than that Jackie whipped his butt so many times? Maybe he and Larson can find Obama’s contested birth certificate when they uncover their alleged collusion. Larson is just arrogant with a power need. Her mantra should be “Don’t confuse me w
    ith the facts,my mind is made up.” That was my take after a phone conversation regarding LSF. I won’t EVEN begin to go into that debacle. It sickens me to hear the LOVE for our military espoused by that cabal. HOWEVER, I trust Mitchell LOVES the fees he gets from GIs (OH – did you know he is a CPA?) LOL. He says so at every opportunity in a PUBLIC BOARD meeting. I will be the first to contribute for signs for the upcoming election: VOTE NO 2 FOR THE TOXIC TWO. Last Comment: Give ’em hell Alex!
    Bill Speight, Lt. Col. USAF (ret)

  3. I read there notes in their meetings and it sounds like a circle jerk. I can’t believe adults behave that way. Grow up or get out.

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