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No shave November, him or her?

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Ever have a burning question about what you should do with you hair?  Does you hairstyle always seem to be the same with little flare and you don’t know how to fix it?  Ask Just Joshua, and he can give you a professional’s opinion on going from blah to beautiful!


No Shave November, Him or Her?

Welcome back! I hope everyone is getting geared up for tons of food and maybe for the lucky few, naps!!  I’ve been asked lately about the No-Shave November movement and what it’s all about.  Even some of the guys that are doing it now, are asking, what they should do since for many of them, this is the first time they have grown facial hair.  Some of the more interesting questions around No-Shave November are if it’s ok for women to participate as well.  Now, that’s a head scratcher.

No-Shave November is a great time of year because it brings awareness to cancer in general, but most importantly, Prostate Cancer.  Outside of the funny jokes, funny memes, or long Facebook trends; many men don’t even understand why they do it.  But, no matter the reason, we want to show our love to those suffering from all kinds of cancer, and if a ridiculous Santa Claus beard or Insanity Sam handlebar opens the conversation on why you are doing it, then it’s worth it!

First what is No-Shave November? The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.

We will include links at the end of the article where you can make your donations for a difference.

Now, can women do it? Absolutely! If a woman wants to express her love and concern to show awareness…Go for it!! If you don’t feel like dropping the razor and still want to support, donate in honor of someone who is growing their beard.  There’s so many ways to get involved!

This week, I’ve been flooded with questions on how to maintain and work with beards and men’s grooming in general.  Recently, products and marketing have been geared to men’s grooming and multiple product companies have blossomed due to the interest.  Based off of BusinessWire.Com, the global male grooming products market reached a value of US$ 57.7 Billion in 2017. The market value is further expected to reach US$ 78.6 Billion by 2023.  That’s a lot of Beard Oil and Body Wash!

Now let’s answer some of your questions:

 Dear Just Joshua,

What are some products you would recommend for beard grooming and smoothing?  The guys I work with are all doing No-Shave November and of course, I had to join in.  I’ve never grown a beard and now that I have, it’s driving me crazy.  I need some suggestions please, because there are so many options and I’m lost.

Lost in the Aisles

Dear Lost in the Aisles,

Thank you for your question! Beard grooming has been a huge part our industry here recently.  And there are so many products that have weird names.  Each does different things, and I’m sure that if you’re not in the “Know” and aren’t used to using multiple products daily, it can be overwhelming.

1.  Remember that your beard needs to be hydrated.  Beard hair is naturally drier and tends to be more unruly.  Brushing with a natural bristled brush to remove tangles is a perfect way to prep for styling.

2.  Beard Lotions – After you wash your beard, apply a small amount of Beard Lotion       and brush through to make sure that it’s evenly distributed.  This will allow the beard to stay Tight and remove fly-a-ways.

3.  Beard Oil – After your beard is dry, apply a generous amount of Beard Oil and this will help lock in the moisture and keep your beard from looking dry.

The main issue with Beards is to remember it is hair just like on your head, just a little more coarse!  It needs extra loving by using products to keep them looking their best. Some great product options would be Paul Mitchell MVRCK Beard Lotion and Paul Mitchell MVRCK Beard Oil. Both use only the best products and will keep your beard looking it’s best!

Hopefully this will help, I would suggest talking with your barber and keeping it trimmed and looking kept.


Dear Just Joshua,

My husband has been growing his beard out for quite some time and honestly, it looks good maybe 10% of time.  Most days, he leaves out of the shower with it looking like he jumped in a pool.  By the end of the day, his beard looks like he was electrocuted. Do you have any suggestions on how he can work with his beard to keep it looking put together?

Frustrated in Frizz

 Dear Frustrated in Frizz,

Trust me, you’re not alone.  With the growth of men’s grooming in the beauty industry, we’ve all had to learn how to maintain those beards.  First, I would suggest that he follow a styling regimen for his beard.  Just like the hair on his head, he needs to use products to tame the beast! No single product is going to do the trick – no balmcomb, or oil is the single answer to getting that wild growth under control.  Beard hair is subject to elements just like your hair.  And sometimes letting it dry on its own doesn’t lock that style in. Here are some steps that can help take that beard from Mountain Man to Movie star.

First Step – Wash, rinse, and towel dry the excess water until your beard is damp. …

Second Step – Brush your beard in the direction you want to style it. …

Third Step – Brush or comb your beard in the direction you want it, apply a beard lotion or serum, combing it through to ensure even distribution. Use the blow dryer keeping it 6-9 inches from your beard. Using heat can help tame and “train” hair to lay the way he would want it to.

Blast that beard with the blow dryer using the COLD setting.  This locks that smoothing into the beard.

Apply your beard product of choice. If his beard looks dry, add beard oil, if it wants to go all over the place, add a beard balm or wax.

Hopefully, this gives him somewhere to start in creating his own way of styling his beard.  Just remind him, it’s going to feel uncomfortable for awhile, he will fumble and mess up, but the best part; if he doesn’t like it, simply wash it again!  A great resource is BeardBrand.   Have him watch how a Barber Master styles his beard every day.

Whether you have a goatee or a full on Santa’s Beard, grooming is crucial.  No one gets gourmet lasagna in a microwave and you won’t wake up with a perfect beard every morning by doing nothing!  It takes dedication and commitment.  But the benefits outweigh the stress.  All the products suggested are available at J.Co Salon & Blo’Dry Bar in downtown Fayetteville.  As always, remember no matter your hair, no matter your budget; your hair is yours.  Make sure you take care of it, and keep it healthy. Consult a professional and use only the best products for the best results!  And as always; PEACE, LOVE & HAIRSPRAY!!

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