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Ask Just Joshua – The cruelty of the cold

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ask joshjoshAsk “Just Joshua”

“Make a Difference instead of a Dollar”

Ever have a burning question about what you should do with you hair? Does you hairstyle always seem the same with little flair and you don’t know how to fix it?  Ask Just Joshua, and he can give you a professional’s opinion on going from blah to beautiful.

The Cruelty of the Cold

Yep, it’s that time of year again! After enduring the sunlight, saltwater, and pony-tails, your hair is screaming for help.  Many guest in the salon are dealing with hair that is frizzy and breaking off and can’t see light at the end of the tunnel.  But a lot of you may now know that you are the number one person that controls how your hair survives the seasons.  Many of our questions this week were about how to take hair from summer slums to winter wonderland!

Dear Just Joshua,
– Ok. First of all Hi! Super excited for you on this new endeavor!! So my
questions are 1: I have oily hair that is pencil straight how can I style it without
it looking flat on top? (My hair is shoulder length) 2nd: I have split ends, what
can I do to eliminate them or at least help my hair not have so many fly-a-ways?!
-Splittin’ Frizz

Dear Splittin’ Frizz,

Thank you so much. It’s turning out to be a lot of fun!
1:) for oil hair that is very flat – Believe it or not, a lot of the challenges with oily hair
stem from product usage. A lot of your basic products from the grocery stores and
drugstores have a lot of paraffin wax in them, so what It does is every time you
shampoo your hair you get another layer of wax. Overtime that wax build-up will
accumulate, and causes oily hair. Another reason that happens, is your
conditioner is to hydrating. You want to make sure that you don’t put a lot of
products on your scalp when you’re styling, and try to keep the conditioner off your
scalp. A great product is Paul Mitchell’s shampoo.  It helps regulate Oil secretions naturally happening at your scalp. With a big flat, that paraffin wax will make your hair feel very heavy. What I suggest is a dry shampoo to give some texture and Lift.
2: ) Split ends are a pain no matter what. To keep split ends from spreading, you want to make sure you keep those ends trimmed.  If they continue to split you
need to either trim a little bit more, or use a keratin/protein serum on the
ends. This will give them strength. A great choice is Paul Mitchell’s Awaphui Ginger
Mirror Smooth Serum. This and dry shampoo will help with the fly-a-ways.

Dear Just Joshua,
– What are the cardinal dos and don’ts when you have curly hair?  Specifically, bangs, styling, shampooing etc.
– Bang, Bang Curls?
Dear Bang, Bang Curls,

Ohh I love this question! Curly hair is an amazing gift that takes a lot of work. Some
key Don’ts: Don’t Brush when it’s dry!  This causes the most hurtful “F” word to curly hair,- Frizz!! There are a few things to help your hair be fabulous instead of frizzy.
1. Washing your hair daily is a NO-NO! Find a routine that works for your
hair. Start with every other day to see how much better your curls will look.
2. Comb using a wide tooth comb or your fingers when wet, not a brush.
Brushing will cause breakage and knots.
3. Remember to keep conditioner off of the scalp.  Oily hair is a constant battle
already with curly hair.
4. Detangle from the ends working up to your scalp. This will allow you to remove
tangles instead of creating more work for you.
5. Use a Microfiber towel instead of a cotton towel to dry your hair after a
shower. This will help keep your hair less frizzy because a terrycloth towel
removes water too quickly and can cause knots.
6. And REMEMBER!!! Always either use a diffuser to dry or allow it to air dry!!


THAT IS THE MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION. Bangs no matter your texture of hair,
are a great commitment. Bangs can make or break it with your hair. Here are some
general tips:
1. No two curls are ever the same. Have your bangs cut longer than you want,
allowing for them to “bounce” back up.
2. Believe it or not, 70s style long bangs are a great options and prevent you
from having them too short.
3. Make sure the amount of hair fits with your hair. Thin hair – be cautious of
having too much bang because it will take way from the thickness everywhere
4. Keep in Mind how your hair moves. If your hair wants to lift up a lot – Maybe
bangs aren’t a good option. Once you cut the hair shorter – it won’t have the
weight anymore pulling it downward and will stick straight out.
5. And lastly – Unlike the rest of your haircut, have your bangs cut dry! That way
you can see how short/long they are going to live at.

Dear Just Joshua,
– I’ve reached the point in my life that bringing out the same old sweaters
and tacky boots just isn’t cutting it. I’ve looked at the mall and online but
everything seems to be tailored to either high school teen girls or a Pre-
Retirement librarian. How can I still look hot in this cool weather? What looks
would you suggest considering NC crazy weather?
– Out with the Old
Dear Out With The Old,

Trust me, I went through the same challenges this year. I searched everywhere for
something that fit my professional style as well as my need for function. My favorite
thing to do for the fall moving into winter weeks, is layering. These seasons change
hourly in North Carolina, if it gets too warm by noon, just remove a layer. Classic
fitted, higher waist denim, oversized white button up and a copper metal dangle belt
looks fabulous on it’s own. Layer with a faux fur or thick vest or pop of color thick
scarf. Each can be for the morning coffee run, and removed for drinks with the girls
for dinner.
Look at your closet now. What can be paired together differently than before?
Surprisingly, patterns with bright colors are making a way back, paired with muted
tones. You would be surprised at how many new outfits you can create by just
changing how you wear them. And I promise, someone will think it’s brand new.

If you need a new look completely, I love the looks from Sid + Sam found exclusively
at Fabulous Finds Boutique in Downtown Fayetteville. Their looks are cutting edge
and easily able to mix and match. Many of their fall looks can be so versatile and can
be accessorized in many ways. Check them out at Fab Finds Boutique or on their Facebook Page.

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They are by far the best choice for that show-stopping outfit and unlike the mall,
their styles are unique! The looks you see in the mall will mostly be sold
multiple times in the same city. And if you are like me, I like to be special and
unique. That’s what Fabulous Finds Boutique is.


Hopefully, this can help but remember, that no matter what you wear this season,
you’ll be beautiful! A little change to something you’ve worn before make a huge

No matter if you have curly or straight hair, winter can bring changes that can wreak
havoc on your morning routine. Winter is a great time to try a new style while
giving your hair some much-needed CPR. The main thing is to not give up. With the
seasons changing so much and having to deal with heaters, sweater static and coats
again; you will master it and create a routine hopefully before the season changes
Style is more than all of the model looks. Look at magazines and pick parts of the
looks you like. Think of fun ways to add classic white pearls and denim, try
interesting color combos, and change your staple outfits around. Style is something
we all can do, no matter the budget or event. It’s all in how you wear it. That’s 50%
of an awesome look.
All the products suggested are available at J.Co Salon & Blo’Dry Bar in downtown
Fayetteville. As always remember no matter your hair, no matter your budget; your
hair is yours. Make sure you take care of it, and keep it healthy. Consult a
professional and use only the best products for the best results! And as always;
Joshua Gray-Heim

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