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Ask “Just Joshua”
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Ever have a burning question about what you should do with you hair? Does you
hairstyle always seem to be the same with little flare and you don’t know how to fix it?
Ask Just Joshua, and he can give you a professional’s opinion on going from blah to
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Post Holiday B

Post Holiday Humdrums
Wow! Am I the only one that thinks this holiday season has blown by? After an
extremely busy holiday season and a hiatus from Just Joshua, It’s great to get back to
the grind. It’s hard to believe that we are already in 2019. Now that the leftovers
have been thrown away, and we start looking at a house full of Christmas
decorations, presents to find places for, and piles of wrapping paper debris; we can
get back to our normal lives.

While we are taking out the trash and hauling off the Christmas tree, we have to take
a look at how the last few weeks have affected our bodies. Since we are making New
Year’s Resolutions, why not add something for your health? Those extra glasses of
wine, or decadent chocolates could have added some not-so fun results in our hair
and skin. Trust me, we are all in the same boat! I couldn’t step away from the Sugar
Cookies this year either!

Hopefully, this can be a New Year as well as a New You!

Dear Just Joshua –
OMG! This holiday season was a blast! My husband and I went to a party
every Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday. And three parties on Christmas Day!
I always try to make sure that I’m picture perfect because, let’s face it, everyone
is snapping hundreds of pictures around the holidays. But I’m paying the price
for it now! My hair is so knotty and I swear, I feel like I need another haircut
even though I had it done only 2 weeks ago. Please Help!!

– Paying for the Parties
Dear Paying for the Parties –

The holidays are rough all around. Your hair takes a huge beating during this time
of year. Due to all of the parties and being “picture ready”, you most likely have
been styling your hair a lot more through the course of a month. It’s the season for
bold hairstyles after all; we want to make a statement at each party. That just
means that January will need to include some much-needed TLC for your lovely

The Detoxing TLC is much needed especially when your hair is dry or damaged as a
result of too much heat styling. Hair is like skin in that it burns too. Unlike skin, we
don’t feel it when we have over done it, which can cause damage without even
knowing until it is to late. When you are heat styling your hair for each party, this damage gets worse and worse. Couple that with drier air due to the winter months,
your hair can be asking for a day off.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Think of taking a few extra steps to your
beauty routine to give some TLC Detox to your locks!

1. Take a break from Heat Styling.
After showering, use a leave-in styling product designed for air-drying and
let you hair show it’s natural style. A great option is Paul Mitchell Awaphui
Ginger No Blow Out Cream, or Paul Mitchell Curl Full Circle Leave-In Treatment.


2. Play with putting your hair up while working in some treatment time
Why not use a cute style to allow your hair to absorb a treatment too. Paul
Mitchell Super Strong Liquid treatment works great to add some protein and
shine to the hair.


3. If you have no choice but to use heat, promise to use a Heat Protectant.
If you can’t put the tools down for a bit, invest in a heat protectant and use it.
A heat protectant allows your hair to be protected and keep your hair’s
natural shine while preventing moisture from evaporating during the heat
processing. Paul Mitchell Neuro line is a perfect choice. It allows your hair to
be thermal protected from the Shampoo to the style with a full line of styling
and treatment options. Also, turn the heat down. Use a lower temperature
setting and take smaller sections. This will limit any more damage


4. Mask it up!
I don’t have to tell you that you need to kick back and relax but your hair needs a
reboot period too. Why not relax and repair at the same time. Depending on
how dry your hair is, you can do a mask once a week, every other shampoo,
or even replace your conditioner with a mask. Depending on how dry your
hair is will determine how often you need it. A great option is Paul Mitchell
Neuro Care Repair HeatCTRL Treatment. This professional-quality hair
treatment formula helps restore moisture to smooth and condition
dehydrated hair with 4.5 times more moisture


While taking care of you hair at home, you can also visit your stylist to get
more professional-only treatments that can speed the process up. Hopefully
this will give you some direction and get you closer to that healthy hair.

The holidays are full of love, laughter, and a lot stress, both to your mind and your
body. January is the best time to reverse that stress and start the New Year with
great hair and new you!
This New Year should be spent on more “You” time. While making your resolutions
for 2019, add a few to better your hair and self. A few little changes can make a
world of difference for your hair health. Having healthy hair is easier than you
think. Remember, your hair is the picture frame for your face; you have to keep it
All these products suggested are available at J.Co Salon & Blo’Dry Bar in downtown
Fayetteville. As always remember no matter your hair, no matter your budget; your
hair is yours. Make sure you take care of it, and keep it healthy. Consult a
professional and use only the best products for the best results! And as always;


Joshua Gray-Heim

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