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‘It was more of an introduction of interest”  Larson

During the February 4th meeting the board addressed my questions regarding ordinance 2018-9 and whether or not they’d violated that ordinance.

Commissioner Larson said, “I wanna address the ordinance with our attorney because there were three commissioners that were present at the meeting – but there was no discussion with those commissioners and the YMCA they sat in the audience just like everybody else that attended that meeting.  So i just wanted you to clarify that is not how that ordinance works.  There was not an official offer made or a proposal made.  It was more of an introduction of interest in wanting a partnership with the town of Hope Mills.

“Whereas the Board of Commissioners of the town of Hope Mills believe that the consideration of the sale or long-term lease of real property owned by the town is an issue that requires input from all elected officials – now therefore be it ordained that the Board of Commissioners shall not discuss or consider the sale or long-term lease of any real property owned by the town of Hope Mills unless the full Board of Commissioners is present for discussion. For purposes of this ordinance ‘long-term lease’ is defined as any lease longer than one year”

Dan Hartzog…’The board, as a board, can’t discuss or consider the sale or lease, the long-term lease of property without all members being present.’  And yet they did.

It was never implied they discussed the proposal.  Although, we did see Commissioner Mitchell deep in conversation with Rick Houp as we were exiting the building.  Maybe Mitchell was telling Houp he’s a CPA.  I’ll give Houp a call tomorrow and see if he can clarify.

‘Commissioners shall not discuss or consider the sale or long-term lease of any real property’

Are we supposed to believe four board members actually sat there for an hour while executives from the YMCA talked about leasing a specific tract of municipal property for a 20 year term, with an option for another twenty years, and didn’t consider it?

Dan, ‘Attending a meeting where something is discussed – this would not be covered by that ordinance.”

If the four members of this board can listen to an hour-long presentation wherein the YMCA said they want to lease municipal property for 20+ years…and they’re not guilty of violating Larson’s ordinance…why are we paying for an investigation?

Woe to those who enact unjust statutes and who write oppressive decrees – Isaiah 10:1-2.

Teddy Warner mentioned to his mom that a client wanted to make a presentation to the town…a year ago.  Six months before the ordinance existed.  And he never told her what the presentation was about.  We’re nearly a month into a formal investigation of ‘wrong-doing’ because of that one conversation.

I’m curious what their interpretation of that ordinance would have been if Mayor Warner had attended that meeting without them….?

“What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow; that is the whole Law: the rest is interpretation.”
– Hillel (30 B.C.- 10.A.D.)


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