What good shall I do this day?

I’ve never gotten to say this before…but the Board of Commissioners impressed me tonight.  They held a special workshop meeting to discuss…for the third time…changes to the sign ordinance.

All of the board members were polite to one another, they asked great questions, they sometimes contradicted one another but not in a mean spirited way.  There was real discussion.

I assume there will be a video posted sometime tomorrow but for tonight you should know they discussed changing deadlines for repairing and replacing signs that are damaged.  They also discussed grandfathering existing businesses vs amortization.

In general I’m impressed with how the ordinance is shaping up.  It’s not 100% palatable to developers, but this board doesn’t represent developers.  We don’t want the ordinance so restrictive they choose to develop anywhere but Hope Mills, but we also want a pretty town.  They all seemed to be aware of this and legitimately working towards some middle ground.

I left before the meeting ended, I had another meeting.  But I was truly impressed with what I saw tonight.  Well done!

Coincidentally, Commissioner Mitchell did not attend the meeting.

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