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How much influence does Lisa Waring wield over the Board of Commissioners and specifically, over Commissioner Larson?

Once again, a source has provided screen captures from inside Hope Mills Chatter, the private Facebook group owned and operated by Lisa Waring.  This conversation took place March 19…six days prior to the special meeting held by the Board of Commissioners.

Statements 5, 7 & 8 of the Resolution of no confidence against Mayor Warner are literally in Waring’s first comment about the article.

The first image is a post by Lisa Waring with a link to the Up & Coming Weekly article written by Earl Vaughan,  published that same day.  Waring says “the board was not given any  information about this and never knew anything about it.”  We established that wasn’t true in the last article ‘There are two sides to every story.’

Waring concludes with “it looks like someone was taking advantage of a terrible situation for the town, the university, and the kids to try to gain a little political traction.”



Does that sound familiar to you?  It sounded familiar to me too so I went back to the video of the March 25th meeting.  There’s no video…just audio.

33:30 into the video Commissioner Larson says…

“The fact that you went to Earl Vaughan and gave him this story, shared it on your Facebook page along with the other story from the previous week just shows the extent you will go to for political traction

And….we see it again later in Lisa Waring’s article when she quotes Larson…”Larson told Warner the interview about the loss of the student artwork without sharing it with the board just shows “the extent you will go to for political traction.”

If you conceive of an idea, share it in conversation with a Commissioner, the Commissioner regurgitates it during a meeting and then you write about it in a local paper…are you reporting news…or creating news?

This is Commissioner Larson commenting back to Lisa Waring.  She reiterates the Board didn’t know about the one year contract for the art.  Again, it was established in the last article…the Board was part of conversations on March 18, 2018 and again on May 21 2018 during which the sculptures, the grant and the contract were discussed…specifically it was said the contract was for ONE YEAR.  According to the minutes for those meetings, the entire board was present.

Fullscreen capture 3302019 110848 PM.bmp
Screen capture – May 21, 2018 Official BOC meeting

Ironically, it was during that same May 21 meeting that the Board discussed Waring’s Facebook group, at Commissioner Mitchell’s request, and Commissioner Larson declared “the Board members that participate in the closed Facebook group never discuss town business.”  Following this discussion the Board voted to censure Commissioner Mitchell for  his investigation into the group.

Is Commissioner Larson unclear as to what constitutes ‘town business’?  She was also part of a Chatter conversation in January in which it was implied the Mayor’s son was offered a job by Lone Survivor executives in exchange for securing the sale of Lake Bed #2.





Lisa Waring and Commissioner Larson continue to push their narrative that the Board didn’t know about the contract.




Commissioner Larson and other members of the Board are not allowed to reach out to individuals or agencies.  They’re supposed to relay any questions to Melissa Adams who contacts anyone the Board has questions for.  Larson also mentioned speaking to directly to the UNCP professor during the special meeting on March 25th.

Waring’s latest article was published on the Fayetteville Observer site.  She doesn’t disclose to their readers that she had private conversations with Commissioner Larson prior to the March 25th meeting.  Waring has also covered the Lone Survivor issue and the ensuing investigation into the Board of Commissioners, and doesn’t disclose to her readers that she and her family own properties on Lake Bed #2 or that she’s been using the PWC surveys to lobby local governments to reestablish the dam and the lake since 2007.

Both Commissioners Larson and Mitchell used the March 25th meeting as an opportunity to blast Up & Coming Weekly (UCW) and their coverage of Hope Mills.  Mitchell went so far as to say, “We did not renew your contract in September for $28,000 a year – in the general public’s eye everything you’re doing is vindictiveness against these four Commissioners, because they voted against renewing your contract.”

But that isn’t exactly true either.  The Board didn’t vote to renew the contract, but UCW has covered all news in Hope Mills for the last seven months.  Earl Vaughan Jr. has consistently covered local sports, businesses, and special events, and the paper publishes a calendar of up-coming Hope Mills events weekly.

Members of this board have behaved in such a despicable manner they are truly unworthy to serve.  And with hypocrisy the likes of which God has never seen, they accuse the Mayor of having done the very things they’re guilty of.

Remember this on election day!






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