Discussion of Lake Bulkhead Project

The Board faced backlash from residents who were unhappy the lake level was being lowered and the lake would be unavailable for the majority of the summer.  They stood by their decision to continue with the project instead of delaying.

During the April 1st meeting Town Manager Melissa Adams read the following statement.

– The notice to proceed was issued to M&E Construction on February 25th.  the materials have been ordered.  the pile driving sub-contractor is ready to mobilize when materials are received.  The lowering of the lake level began March 20th.  The current elevation is 102.5.

  • The erosion of the embankment is very noticeable, as evidenced by the pictures.  The erosion will only worsen, if corrective measures are not taken.  The project must continue as scheduled so that we can mitigate any further damage to the embankment of the lake bed.
  • The 2019 hurricane season is nearly upon us.  typically we have experienced hurricane weather events in September and October, well after the completion of the bulkhead project.  The project must begin soon, in order to be completed by the peak of hurricane season.
  • The proposed bulkhead project involves ADA compliance and the safety of the citizens wishing to swim and use the grassy area.  The embankment of the area will be re-sloped and will result in a safer and more aesthetic looking lake front.
  • The sod should not be planted in the winter months and should be planted as soon as the project is completed.  the contractor will be responsible for irrigation for the first 30 days following installation.  We will be consulting with a landscaping architect for irrigation proposals and will bring forth to the Board of Commissioners.
  • The contractor will work as expeditiously as possible, weather permitting, to complete the project in a timely manner.
  • There really is no optimal time for the lake to be closed for boating and swimming.  While we understand there will be some inconvenience to the citizens and the many people that come to use our lake, the project will result in a safer environment and help mitigate any further erosion damage to the lake embankment.  Kayak and canoe access will be allowed to the greatest extent possible dependent upon work location and progress.  the Town would like to thank the citizens in advance, for their patience and understanding for the duration of this project.

It’s not often I get to say I was pleasantly surprised by a Board decision, but last night was an exception.  They made an unpopular decision and stood by it…because it was the right thing to do.  Some citizens will be inconvenienced and some will continue to complain.  But the majority of us recognize the board’s decision as fiscally responsible and necessary to avoid mitigating erosion.  I was wrong when I predicted they would back-pedal and I’m pleased to be wrong.  Well done!

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