Creative place making Pt. II

As the creative place making initiative weaves its way across the country, big and small communities are finding unique opportunities to incorporate art into our environment.  The idea of making every-day objects decorative was a natural leap.


These are examples of art covering storm drains.  They’re not only artful, but they’re an opportunity to remind the community to be respectful of our waterways.  This is one of the art projects I would think the Board of Commissioners would be in favor of since several of them have made a point to keep the community updated on the chemours and gen-x issues and they’re very mindful of our waterways.


These are examples of artful crosswalks.  Commissioner Mitchell has been talking about making Hope Mills a ‘walkable community’ since 2014 but we have very few crosswalks.  Incorporating artful crosswalks kills two birds with one stone…we move closer to being a walkable community and we add art and interest to our community.


I just read a story about a man who took a job with the Memphis Grizzlies.  In his free time he traveled around Memphis looking for neighborhood courts to play ball with the local community, and noticed how many of them were in disrepair.  He started painting the backboards and eventually the courts.    One court was next to a colorful sculpture, so he contacted the artist and asked her to design the court painting.  Now he has artist all over the world doing this with him.  His most recent project was in Puerto Rico.  It’s called Project Backboard.  We can incorporate this into our art design.  We have a basketball court and a tennis court in Municipal Park.


I’ve never seen a specific name for this kind of art, but it’s becoming extremely prevalent all over the country.  Chain-link fences provide the perfect base for a form of cross-stitch or embroidery.  People are using duck tape, large-scale string, and even different colored wire to create amazing artwork on fences, chairs, benches, and even tennis rackets and strainers!  Fences are especially useful in that you can use it to market a message in an artful way.  Sometimes it’s just a reminder…’play more’…and sometimes it’s a promotion or advertisement.

Artist are by nature…innovative.  You give them access to the town and they will literally use every surface as a basis for art.  Today someone mentioned the abundance of poles in town.  And while Commissioner Larson and her sign ordinance will limit the number of business poles…we still have a LOT of utility poles which mar the landscape.  Why not decorate them?   Street poles and trees are already being decorated.

These and more examples are posted in an album on the Hope Mills Net Facebook page.



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