Larson shows her true colors Pt. II

Today we’re going to take a look at some of Larson’s statements in the Waring article.

“There are so many things that this board should have done that didn’t get done during these past two years,” Larson said. She attributes it to the many clashes that have often been observed between Mayor Jackie Warner and Commissioner Pat Edwards with the other four board members.  (Read the article here)

Mitchell and Larson would have you believe the clashes began when Warner publicly supported LSF and their effort to buy land in Hope Mills.  Not true.

The clashes began in December 2017 when Mitchell realized three of his fellow Commissioners were part of the private Facebook group called The Chatter.  The Chatter is moderated by Lisa Waring…the same Lisa Waring who wrote the article we’re discussing!

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Three of the Commissioners were members of the private group and Mitchell was not.  Mitchell spent the better part of six months researching the legalities of commissioners  taking part in political conversations in the group.  In February someone contacted the North Carolina School of Government and asked their opinion and he created a poll on Facebook to get a sense of the public’s opinion on this situation.

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(Link to the video)

Which is why, the Board of Commissioners censured him on May 21 2018.


Mitchell shared this on his Facebook page the very day he was censured.  It’s the letter he wrote to the Board addressing his concerns about the Chatter.

“As one of your commissioners, I do not condone personal attacks on any of the Team Hope Mills members including fellow elected, Town staff, or town citizens.”

I assume he’s reconsidered his stance on personal attacks since he’s made a point to share all of the articles in which Larson is attacking the Mayor and Commissioner Edwards and posted a subversive jab at Mayor Warner two weeks ago…

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Eventually the ‘clash’ grew so big Commissioner Bellflowers was compelled to pen an op-ed for the Fayetteville Observer to address the situation. (Read article here)

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And of course Mitchell continued to beat the drum….he posted this ten days after he was censured.

“It is sad that such cowardly behavior exists.  Ironic that a group that preaches open government is a closed group….We are one community and social segregation is not the answer to moving us forward.”


I’m going to assume he’s changed his mind about that as well.

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The night of June 4 the Board met in a closed session to hear the initial proposal from LSF.  I’ve interviewed nearly everyone who was in the room that night and they’ve all confirmed the Board was enthusiastic about the presentation and wanted to move forward.  BUT…they also confirmed Mitchell was anxious to leave the closed session and get back to the Board room to hear Hartzog’s decision about the Chatter.  Ultimately Hartzog dismissed Mitchell’s concerns and reiterated the decision from the School of Government.

One has to wonder, would Mitchell have accepted Hartzog’s decision and let the matter go if the LSF proposal hadn’t taken center stage?  He had a ruling from the School of Government in February and ignored it, and the Board’s censure in May didn’t deter him from pressing the issue.  It’s entirely possible that without a common enemy Mitchell and Larson would still be at odds over the Chatter even now.

But we’ll never know because at some point between June 4th and June 18th, these two commissioners who were very much clashing, found some common ground and joined forces in what has been the unholiest of pairings.  While they’ve claimed as recently as this week that LSF was the catalyst which split the board and kept them distracted for more than a year, they were obviously already very divided over the Chatter.  And if you follow along we WILL be discussing the LSF offer in detail and which members of the board have…and have not been able to let it go.  What’s that expression…?

If you’re still talking about it…you’re not over it.

Once again I want to point out two significant details…

First – while their camp has consistently referred to this site as ‘fake news’ I ALWAYS provide evidence to support every article. Follow the dozens of links above to see for yourself.  You can also click HERE to watch videos of every single public meeting and click HERE to review the minutes of those meetings.

And remember, the minutes are legal documents signed and certified as authentic by the entire board.  Except of course the minutes from the closed session on June 4th.  Investigator Cauley found evidence the official minutes did NOT match eyewitness testimony of what actually occurred during the presentation from LSF.  It’s on the video from the May 29th meeting.

Second – Mitchell, Larson and their supporters won’t provide you with a single piece of evidence to back up anything they say.  They never have.

Also be sure to join the Hope Mills Net Group on Facebook for more conversation and updates on local events and businesses.

And finally, click HERE to see all of the posts from Mike Mitchell regarding his six-month long battle against the Chatter.










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