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Today’s article is from a contributing writer.  Their identity will be revealed prior to the election

The whole-truth or the half-truth, which do you accept?  Do as we say not as we do!!

The whole truth is exactly that, THE WHOLE TRUTH.  A halftruth is a deceptive statement that includes some elements of the truth.  Based on the past actions of some members of the HMBOC they tell half-truths that deceive and mislead people, and I believe it is just as effective as telling a straight out lie.  Call it what you want, it’s still lying, and as everyone knows, lying is bad and wrong.  In my opinion, by lying they believe that we the people are gullible and can be easily deceived.

Personally, I feel that anyone who willingly lies is a coward.  Intentionally telling half-truths and misleading people allows the person to feel good about themselves while still reaping the benefits of telling a lie.

Some of the Hope Mills Commissioner vote together, on every issue, they use out half-truths, and false /misleading information to make bad decisions. They get the benefit of lying, without any damage to their precious self-image.  Just watch the way they vote, they have already made their decision, without discussing the full details of the issue(s).  Here are some example of how this BOC abused their position and mislead the citizen of Hope Mills.

They censured Mayor Warner, knowing she had not done anything wrong.  Commissioner Legge read the motion. 

Some of the commissioners used half-truths and misleading information about the Lone Survivor Foundation (LSF)?  (I was told by commissioner Larson that LSF wanted the land for free.) (This was a LIE, I later found out that they were willing to pay for use of the property).  LSF was also willing to lease the land from the town and put in a clause that the town could have the land back if there was ever a need, buildings and all). This was an issue that should have been presented to the Hope Mills Veterans Affairs Committee.  They did not even allow the citizens of Hope Mills, to hear or see the presentation that LSF wanted to present to the town, even after a request was made by a commissioner, they still refused.  In my opinion it was very disrespectful to every veteran, active duty military and family members living in Hope Mills.  When the previous BOCs were making decisions about the Lake, they allowed the Lake advisory committee to get involved and make recommendation to the BOCs. 

This Board often makes decisions without presentation to any of the committees.   In my opinion this board havs displayed CONTEMPT when they are dealing with veteran related issues.  I can only recall one issue that this board voted on in favor of a veteran related issue, it was a 3-2 vote.  Mitchell and Larson voted against.   The issue was about the local VFW and AMERICAN LEGION becoming voting members on the Veterans Affairs Committee.  The committee presented their recommendation to the BOCs.  The three commissioners that voted in favor of the recommendation were, Edwards, Bellflowers and Legge.

On a website, Commissioner Larson made this statement:  If you want tax money to fund nonprofits or private businesses then follow the herd.  Why did she make this statement about nonprofit organizations?   As a volunteer and long-time supporter of the ALMS House, we represent the best spirit and values of the Hope Mills Community, Love Giving and Caring.  Last year we provided about 550 meals to school kids weekly.  Many nonprofit organizations protect, feed, heal, shelter, and educate the people in communities. (Examples of nonprofits: Churches, PTA’s, ALMS house, VFWs, American Legions, DAVs, Boy/Girl Scouts, Red Cross) to name just a few.

Nonprofits meet the needs of the people.

Here is another example of a bad decision: Commissioners Mitchell used his position as a commissioner to change the rule that husbands and wives could not serve on the same board.  I believe this motion was made to prevent Elizabeth Blevins from serving on the Veterans Affairs Committee.  This was an act of vengeance and retaliation against her.  Commissioner Mitchell stated that husbands and wives serving on the same board could be a conflict.  However, for the record, I served with husbands and wives and there was never any type of conflicts.  As a matter of fact, the Hope Mills Veterans of Affairs had at least 3 sets of husbands and wives serving together for several years and there were no problems.

In my opinion, at any given time 4 of the 5 commissioners have decided they are the “power brokers” for the HM BOC and they have control and they have the power to make the final decision. The commissioners continue to make bad decision and do not consider the negative impact their decision have on this town and have no business serving as elected officials.

Here are some actions and decisions that have had a negative impact on the town of Hope Mills.

·         The VOTE for change for a 2-year term or 4-year term, several citizens spoke out against this issue.  Not one person spoke in favor of the 4-year term.  The board voted to place the issue on a ballot for a vote.  Commissioner Mitchell made the motion.

·         The Lone Survivor Foundation, they voted 4-1 to not allow LSF the opportunity to present the project to the veterans to see or hear the presentation about the benefits of the LSF being in Hope Mills.

·         Voting against working with a group about considering forming a partnership with the YMCA.  The YMCA is a major organization inside of Hope Mills.  What happens if the YMCA moves from Hope Mills, what impact would it have on our community?

·         Voting to spend $25,000 on the golf course as a walking trail, this money could be used to fund other projects/programs.

Deception in discussions can take many forms, ranging from outright lies to half-truths.  The problem with living in a world of half-truths is that it blinds you.  There’s no excuse for accepting half-truths in today’s environment.  As an elected official you should make it your business to search for the whole truth, and nothing else. 

If you want to know about the issues and how this board seems to have made up their mind about the issues that come before them, just follow the VOTES.  If you want to know who has supported the veteran related issues 100%, just look at the 3-2 vote.

In my opinion this BOCs has made decision and voted before the issues(s) are presented to the people, just look at their actions 4-1sometimes 3-2 votes.  The mayor doesn’t get to vote, Mayor Warner and Commissioner Edwards and sometimes Bellflowers were the Lone Survivors when it came to supporting veterans related issues  I ask myself, why are these commissioners serving in a community with a population that is more than 60% veteran and military strong, not more supportive of the veterans/military and their families?

I believe that when you allow yourself to become so caught up in the purity and goodness of your mission, you miss an opportunity to do the right thing.  When you do not take into consideration that your actions are having a negative impact on your community and the employees that work for the town, you need to step back and do a true honest assessment and review your actions.  When you concentrate on things you already know and fail to consider what you don’t know, you can fail to estimate, and therefore seize on, opportunities.

That is what this board have done these past 2-years.  The commissioners have been working against the mayor, missed the boat, the plane and the train!  We had the opportunity to build new partnerships to help grow and develop businesses in Hope Mills, which would lead to more tax dollars and a better infrastructure.  If Hope Mills do not begin to plan for growth and develop new ways to raise revenue, the entire community will suffer, the responsibilities will fall on the citizens, we need to keep in mind that Hope Mills is an aging population.  In order for this community to heal and move forward, we must as a community; not allow anyone to influence our decisions.

You must Open your ears, hearts and minds.   There must be dialogue that is based on facts, trust and trustworthiness.  Our elected officials must put in place tools that enable a flow of conversation and engagement, that will benefit all the citizens of Hope Mills.

We have a Mayor that works hard and gets involved with trying to help our community grow, but she can not do it alone, she needs a board that will listen and work together to help make a difference to build a very productive and healthy community.

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