Mitchell makes motion to demolish Saleeby House, Historic Commission blames mayor

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This post popped up today on the Hope Mills Historical Information FaceBook page.  The post, which shows photos of the Saleeby Home being demolished, was shared from the Hope Mills Historical Society, Inc. Facebook page.

The Historical Information page made a point to announce they aren’t associated with either the Historical Preservation Commission or the Historical Preservation Society.  They accuse Mayor Jackie Warner of brokering a deal to trade the house for a parking lot and imply she’s brokered similar deals before.

But these are lies.  The screen shots below are minutes from official meetings found on the town’s website here.  They clearly show the chronology of events leading to the demolition of the house….beginning with its donation in October 2017.

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Below is the resolution officially accepting the property.

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Rod MacLean is now a member of the Hope Mills Historic Preservation Commission and President of the Society  The below shot shows Rod Maclean addressing the Board of Commissioners January 22, 2018, and suggesting they adopt Concept Plan #1 which called for the Saleeby House to be demolished and the land used as additional parking for the lake.

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This shot shows Commissioner Larson updating the Board of Commissioners on the Lake Advisory Committee’s decision to recommend the board adopt Concept Plan #1…and even suggests what material they should use in the new parking lot.

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And this is my favorite…Commissioner Mitchell made the motion to “instruct staff to move forward with obtaining cost proposals for the demolition and completion of an additional parking lot on the Saleeby property.”

Mike Mitchell made the motion to demolish the house and the board voted unanimously to approve it.

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Less than a month ago Commissioner Legge made the motion to move forward with demolition…and the board voted unanimously to approve it.

Jackie Warner didn’t make the motion and she didn’t vote on it.

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Mitchell is the liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission….

Why is that relevant?  Because the Hope Mills Historical Information IS the Hope Mills Historic Preservation Commission.   They simply changed the name of their facebook page prior to their newest attack on the Mayor.

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They changed their public name, but it didn’t change their URL  @HopeMillsPreservationCommission

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They also forgot to change their profile photo…which was uploaded in January 2017.

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And they forgot to edit their old posts…”We at the Historic preservation Commission blah blah blah”

but there’s more…

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Same paragraph…different highlighted portion.

The Historic Preservation Commission…the same people who claimed in February 2019 they didn’t know the Parish House was scheduled for demolition and who have argued for it’s restoration for the last 8 months…announced to the public they knew the house was unusable and were excited to purchase the Mill House to use as the museum instead.

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Another post from their page where they very clearly acknowledge the Parish House is in ‘great disrepair’ and the Mill house was purchased to use instead of the Parish House.

I want to point out the Historic Preservation Commission responsible for today’s post and for the 8 months of lies about the Parish House…is chaired by Pat Hall.  Hall was the subject of a recent scandal when she left a crude comment on the Mayor’s facebook page.

In February, I wrote about the meeting in which Commissioners Mitchell and Legge announced…

“What we need to do is concentrate on people that work in harmony with the board”

Hall’s comments on the Mayor’s facebook page are clearly not in harmony with the Board of Commissioners, and today’s remarks are most definitely not in harmony with the Board.  But the Historic Committee has skirted the rules for some time.

After the Mill reunion, the Historic Preservation Committee posted photos of the event.  More than half of the photos were of Mitchell and his supporters wearing his yellow tee shirts, and they went to great lengths to avoid posting photos of Mayor Warner who also attended the event.  I emailed the town manager to let her know there was a lot of push back from the community, who felt it was inappropriate and it appeared as if a town committee had officially endorsed a mayoral candidate.  Days later, the Historic Preservation Commission changed the name of their official facebook page to Hope Mills Historical Information and is claiming they’re not associated with…themselves?

The Board of Commissioners discussed the Saleeby House 3 times in 2017, 3 times in 2018 and then finally on October 7 a month ago.  The Historic Preservation Commission did NOT address the board at any of those meetings and did NOT lobby the board to preserve the house.  They waited until demolition had begun to voice their concerns.  Is that how preservation works???

There is definitely a lot of fake news and hate fiction being tossed around.  But it’s not coming from this site.


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  1. Excellent information and documentation thank you for providing this vital information reveling the scum within our government. Your work speaks for itself… have a blessed day!

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