Rumor Control – the Facebook video

A video was posted to Facebook last night from a local citizen.  He alleges one of our Hope Mills police officers was a bit too aggressive, and made disparaging remarks about the veteran community.  He didn’t identify the officer he accuses.

With a lull in political drama, the internet has gone crazy speculating about the incident and this cop has been tried in the court of public opinion.  He, like any citizen, is innocent until proven otherwise.  The town manager is working closely with Chief Acciardo to investigate the situation and I have every confidence they will be thorough and fair.

However, you should all be aware this is a personnel issue and as such we may never know the outcome.  In order to protect the privacy of this town employee they have to follow protocol and that includes not sharing any information which may further prejudice the public against the accused.

With that in mind, we should all resume our normal daily activities and let the proper staff handle this without further speculation or suggested punishments.  In other words…they got this.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and let’s all focus on the upcoming swearing in ceremony and all of the wonderful things our town has in store.

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