I want YOU to be able to find evidence to refute what Larson & Mitchell say yourself.  Partly because I’m bored to tears with watching their videos and reading their remarks in the official minutes…but mostly because every single citizen in Hope Mills needs to be able to ferret out the truth for yourself!

Method #1 – Watch the videos Here.   This one is super simple.  that link takes you to the official YouTube account for the Town of Hope Mills.  All of the board meetings are taped from beginning to end.

The videos are uploaded in chronological order.  If you want to see an older video…scroll down to it.

Method #2- Read the minutes HERE.  The link takes you directly to their AGENDA CENTER.  You can also go to www.townofhopemills.com and click on the link titled  ‘AGENDA CENTER’.

Fullscreen capture 7302019 84310 PM.bmp

Inside the agenda center you can click on different years.  Choose the year you want to explore.  On the right side you’ll see the DOWNLOAD box.  Click that to download the actual agendas for each meeting.  It will provide you with a PDF file.  These files are usually quite lengthy…more than 100 pages.

The TV set and audio box will link you to either video or audio files from the meetings.  Sometimes, the video doesn’t work and you just get audio.

And finally, to the left of the audio/video link is the green check mark which you click to download the MINUTES.

Please remember the Minutes are official documents.  Once the clerk types the Minutes the entire board is asked to review them and sign them.  Once they’re posted on this site, they’ve been approved as accurate from the whole board.

*The exception to this rule is the Minutes from June 4, 2018.  They’ve been posted, but certain members of the board altered them after they were initially written.  Because they were altered not all members of the Board would sign them.  The investigator, James Cauley, mentions this in the video from May 29 when he’s reading his report on the investigation into the board.